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Шары от Track

Шары для боулинга от Track подойдут для всех. Непревзойденного качества, с интересной расцветкой.



Цена от6 030 руб.
Temper is sure to cause a fuss. With the Legion core shape and our new MP Gen I veneer, it performs best when you need a clean entry through the front with angularity on the back end. Temper comes 2000 grit Abralon sanded and polished surface with Powerhouse Factory Finish. This makes for a great combination of control with raw power. The Temper has all of the qualities to be a winner and have your competition throwing a tantrum.


Цена от6 868 руб.
Kinetic relates to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated there within. Kinetic features a newly-designed low mass bias core called Shuttle and a new veneer called UMP GEN 1. The best way to describe Kinetic's motion is simply Skid/Flip. Using a low mass bias designed core shape we have created a ball that is great for medium to heavy conditions and works well when you need to get the ball to flip on the backend.
The Rising

The Rising

Цена от8 040 руб.
The Rising sets a new standard for ball motion using only core technology. Its core -the All New Mega Tron- is the largest volume single density High Mass Bias core shape in the Industry. This gives The Rising the widest range of ball motion in the industry using core shape alone. With our core pouring process, we're able to achieve a more consistent core. This, in turn, allows us to exploit the performance options of Mega Tron, and, ultimately, The Rising.


Футболка мужская LEVI"S 4424600010

Цена 1 600 руб.

Сonverse M9697

Цена 2 400 руб.

Pink Camouflage

Цена 4 800 руб.

Бейсболка GANT 490007.408

Цена 1 200 руб.

Футболка мужская GAUDI 11/U67069.426

Цена 3 100 руб.

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